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Water Soluble Fertilizer

  1. Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer

    Calcium Nitrate Calcium Nitrate is a water soluble fertilizer, which is a very important source of secondary nutrient- Calcium for plants. The deficit of which will cause many physiological disorders in crops. It is formulated with composition of Calcium (Ca) 18.8 % and Total Nitrogen (N) 15.5 %.
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  2. NPK 00:00:23

    Special NPK (00:00:23) - Special NPK (00:00:23) is a fully water soluble fertilizer ric h in quality nutrient-Potassium that helps in proper growth & reproduction of plants.Content :N (Nitrogen) : 00%P (Phosphorous) : 00%K (Potassium) : 23%
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  3. NPK 13:40:13

    Special NPK provides three most important nutrients in easily available form. It is useful for all crops as a foliar spray.It contains Nitrogen, Phosphorous & Potassium.Content: - N (Sodium) - 13%P (Phosphorous) - 40%K (Potassium) - 13%
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  4. NPK 13:00:45

    Special NPK contain Nitrogen & Potassium. It is used on various crops as a foliar spray to supply N & K. It is an excellent product with high potash and some nitrogen content. It is extensively used during fruiting stages.Content: - N (Sodium) - 13%P (Phosphorous) - 00%K (Potassium) - 45%
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  5. NPK fertilizer

    Special NPK (12:61:00)Special NPK (12-61-00) is a Water Soluble Fertilizer that contains Nitrogen 12% & Phosphorous 61%.It is a great source of N & P for plants, specially used at growth stages. It can be used for all types of crops.
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  6. NPK 00:52:34

    Special NPK (00-52-34) imported fertilizer. It is non toxic, safe to use bears excellent chemical properties. A fertilizer with highest nutrition content useful during early and end stages of crop growth.Content: - N (Sodium) - 00%P (Phosphorous) - 52%K (Potassium) - 34%
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  7. NPK 00:00:50

    It is widely used for treating soil for early flowering of plants and increasing yield of fruits.Content: - N (Sodium) - 00%P (Phosphorous) - 00%K (Potassium) - 50%
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