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Product Code : 16
Product Description
Vegin vegetable special is developed as a nutrition product based on biotechnology methods. It is recommended for all type of vegetable crops as in provides vital nutritional support during every stage of plant growth.

Chemical composition
  • Combination of L-cystein : 85%W/W
  • Derivatives of folic acid : 10%w/w
  • Other ingredients     : 5%w/w
  • Total : 100%w/w
Recommended Crops
Vegin is vegetable special It is recommended for all type of vegetable crops

  • Activates photosynthesis and increases the percentage of chlorophyll.
  • Initiates various physiological and chemical plant processes that are ital. for healthy plant growth.
  • Increases the percentage of flowers and helps in the setting of fruits
  • Premeeles healthy foliage and productive growth.
  • Improves colour, luster, taste& shelf life of the produce
2ml per liter of water to spray on crop spray during flowering and fruits formation stage

Packing available
250ml,500ml & 1liter.
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