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Micro Nutrient Fertilizer

  1. Ferrous Sulphate Fertilizer

    2. Micro- Ferrous(Ferrous Sulphate (Fe) - 19 %):Ferrous has a vital role in plant growth. It is required in very small quantity but it plays a very important role in plants physiology like Enzyme formation (Photosynthesis), Root, Fruit & Flower formation and many other plant processes. It is Vital for oxidation process in plant cell and improving the content of protein, tannin, Sugar and lipids in plants & seeds
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  2. Zinc Sulphate Fertilizer

    "Micro-Zinc" (Zinc Sulphate-21%)Micro-Zinc incorporates Zinc Sulphate Heptahydrate (ZnSO4 7H2O), as Zn 21 %. It is released slowly, and thus remains in an available form for a long time period. It ensures optimum utilization of the nutrient by reducing the loss, leaching in minimum. It is very essential for the process of oxidation in plant cell, also it improves the content of protein, sugar, tannin and lipids in plants and seeds.
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  3. Zinc EDTA

    "Micro Chelated Zinc" (Zinc EDTA-12%) - Micro Chelated Zinc (Zinc with EDTA), is an essential source that corrects the zinc deficiency of all crops. It is easy-to-absorb by the plants, while used in soil application, the plant system absorbs zinc very fast. The Micro Chelated Zinc is the most essential zinc source, as it minimizes the risk of being fixed in the soil. Vital for the process of oxidation in plant cell, it improves the content of protein, tannin, lipids and sugar in plants / seeds.Content :Zinc content : Zinc EDTA - 12 %.
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  4. Amino Chelated Spray Powder

    Micro Spray Powder (Powder Micronutrient Fertilizers)Micro Spray Powder (Powder Micronutrient Fertilizers) is a powder fertilizer comprising essential micronutrients. Its utilization in spray form stimulates healthy plant growth, resulting crop yield. The Micro Spray is a research-based fertilizer that provides essential plant nutrients such as Iron, Zinc, Manganese and Copper in partially chelated form, along with Molybdenum & Boron in predetermined proportions.
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  5. Amino Acid Fertilizer

    Humifert It contains essential micronutrients added with amino acid complex in a right quantity. Humifert ensures balanced nutrition in plants for healthy growth as well as development. The Humifert is compatible with most spray agrochemicals.
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  6. Magnesium Sulphate Fertilizer

    Magnesium is an essential element and it resides in the central spot of the chlorophyll molecule. It is vital for photosynthesis.
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