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Product Code : 19
Product Description
Menthol Mentha Special is developed as a nutrition product based on Bio-Technological method. It acts as a nutritional support during critical stages of plant growth by providing essential nutrients in easily available form.

Chemical composition
  • Pottasium Humate : 12 % w/v
  • Hydrolysed Proteins : 4 % w/v
  • Fulvic Acid : 1 % w/v
  • Buffer & Diluent : 83 % w/v
  • Total :100 % w/v
  • Improves helps in healthy plants growth.
  • Improves the root zone, chlorophyll and vitamin contents.
  • Improves uptake of micro and macro nutrients and assists in their translocation to different parts of the plant.
  • Activates enzymatic processes and improves the drought resistance capacity of the plant.
  • Improves the size of the leaves, promotes late bolting and increases the oil percentage resulting in and quantitative increase in the yield.
Dosage & Application:
  • Menthol can be used as a foliar spray@ 2-3 ml per liter of water.
  • First application 15-20 days after transplantation and second application after 20-30 days interval.
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