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Product Code : 04
Product Description
otwin is cotton special is developed as a nutrition product based on Bio- technological methods. It acts as nutrition support during critical stages of plants growth by providing essential nutrients in easily available form.
Chemicals Composition
  • Combination of L-cystein ::90%w/w
  • Derivatives of Folic Acid :: 5%w/w
  • Other ingredients ::5%w/w
  • Total ::100%w/w
Recommended Crops
Cotton Special.

  • Activates photosynthesis and increases the percentage of chlorophyll.
  • Initiates various physiological and chemical plant processes that are vital for healthy plant growth .
  • Increases the percentage of flowers and helps in the setting of fruits.
  • Helps the plant to overcome stress.
  • Improves quality, yield and luster, improves self life of the produce.
Compatibility crops
Compatible with most of all pesticides/ fungicides.

2ml per liter of water to spray on crops. Spray during flowers and boll formation stages.

Packing available
100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1litre.
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