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Azotobacter Bio Fertilizer

Azotobacter Bio Fertilizer
Azotobacter Bio Fertilizer
Product Code : BZO001
160 INR
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50 ltrs
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160 INR
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azotobacter culture Name of Microorganism - Azotobacter Chrococcum.Viable Cell Count - CFU Count 1 x 109 cell/ml of liquid & 5 x 108 cell/g of powder.pH - 6.5 – 7.5
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Properties :
1. It produces vitamins, indol acetic acid, gibberellins and cytokines and these are deposited in soil.2. It improves seed germination and plant growth.3. It can benefits crops by nitrogen by fixation, growth promoting substances.4. It partially solubilizes tricalcium phosphates and thus increases up take phosphorous in plant.5. It increases the activity of other beneficial root zone decomposers to improve the efficacy of applied nitrogen fertilizer.6. It application minimizes chemical fertilizer doses upto 20%.7. It may increase 15% to 25 % crop yield.8. It fixes atmospheric nitrogen into nitrates. Which make the soil more fertile.
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  • Microorganism Name  : Azotobacter Chrococcum.
  • Viable Cell Count  :CFU Count 1 x 108 cell/ml of liquid, 5 x 10Cell /g of powder.
  • pH: 6.5 to 7.5    
  • Deposited in soil, it produces vitamins, gibberellins & cytokines, indol acetic acid.
  • It improves plant growth & seed germination.  
  • Benefits crops by fixation, by nitrogen, and growth promoting substances.
  • It partially solubilizes tricalcium phosphates to increase phosphorous in plant.
  • Better the activity of other beneficial root zone decomposers and thus improve the effectiveness of applied nitrogen fertilizer.
  • Minimizes chemical fertilizer doses up to 20%.
  • Increases 15% to 25 % yield of crop.
  • Fixes atmospheric nitrogen into nitrates hence make the soil more fertile.  

Dosage & Applications

Foliar Spray:

Dissolve 1 Liter Bio-Azo in 200 liters of water, spray close to the root of the plant, choose morning or evening hours for the spray, for per acre.   

Seed Treatment:

Dissolve 100 ml of Bio-Azo in 400 ml of water, apply to the seeds for one acre during the time of sowing.

Root Dipping:

Dissolve 100 ml Bio-Azo in 50 liters water, for 10 - 20 minutes dip the root of the plant before transplanting.  

Soil Application:
  • 1 liter Bio-Azo can be blended with 100 kg FYM. Blend the substance and use for over one acre land before the first ploughing.
  • 3 kg of Bio-Azo blend with 250 kg FYM for 1 acre land.
  • 1 kg of carrier base is adequate for 30 kg seed bags.

Recommended Crops:
Wheat, Rice, Sorghum, Maize, Sugarcane, Cotton, Soyabean, Sunflower, Pigeon Pea, Groundnut and Vegetables like (Tomato, Okra, Chilly, Brinjal, Potato, Onion, etc.), All types of vegetables plants, Pulses, Garden Plants, Cereals Crop, and for all other Fruits Crops.

Packing Available:

  • In Liquid Form - 500 ml, 1 liter, and bulk.
  • In Carrier Base - 500 gm, 1 kg and bulk.
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